These programs will capture the imagination. of kids 5-12.

S  T  O  R  Y  T  E  L  L  I  N  G      P  E  R  F  O  R  M  A  N  C  E  S     E  S  P  E  C  I  A  L  L  Y

F  O  R     C  H  I  L  D  R  E  N

Saturday, June 22, 2013 - See Specific Times Below

When most people think ‘Storytelling,’ they think ‘children.’ Well and truly, most of our Featured Tellers get along especially well with kids. But storytelling, in the classic sense, is the sharing of experience (even if some of those are fractured, or made up entirely). It is certainly best enjoyed when it is a ‘targeted’ experience. For those with less experience -- and, perhaps, shorter attention spans as well -- we want to provide an appropriate and enjoyable experience as well. So we’re pleased to provide four storytelling performances specifically for children ages 6-12.

Bruce Fite
9:00AM - Saturday, June 22
Bruce has been a favorite of young fans everywhere since the launch of his debut children’s album ‘Don’t Put Your Cat In The Washing Machine,’ which won him the Best New Artist For Younger Children Music Web Award. Bruce believes that his music and storytelling can teach, while everyone has a ton of fun in the process.    He field tests all of his work on the K-5 students he teaches in Northern Maryland. It’s all genuinely “kid-tested and approved." So bring your kid out to join the fun!

Kim Weitkamp and Andy Offutt Irwin
11:00AM - Saturday, June 22
Take two nuts and put them in a tent...together...with a kaleidoscope of kids, and you get a party-mix of a performance featuring two of our very favorites:  Andy Offutt Irwin, from Covington, GA, and Kim Weitkamp, from Christiansburg, VA. Some people have inner-kids. Andy has an outer-kid. And because Kim knows childhood so very well, she’s developed the coping mechanisms necessary to be on-stage with him. Together, on-stage, they are a true tour de force that every child and adolescent will enjoy: They are quick, funny, insightful, and quite delightful. This performance will be a veritable ‘Best Of’ their work created especially for kids.

Bill Harley
3:30PM - Saturday, June 22
Bill is a two-time Grammy winner. How often do you get to take your kids out to see one of those on a Saturday afternoon! (Well, technically, Grampy is a ‘Grammy-winner,’ too.) And this program is specially designed for  kids. Bill’s songs and stories paint a vibrant and hilarious picture of  growing up, schooling and family life. Bill’s work is filled with the  details of daily life, all told from his slightly off-center point of  view. (One your elementary-age kids will especially appreciate).

Kids Telling Stories for Kids
4:30PM - Saturday, June 22
If you’ve ever seen Olivia Merryman on the Big Stage at the Brandywine Storytelling Festival, you know she’d do just as well telling for fellow ‘small setters.’ (Olivia is 12 this year.) So we asked her, would she give it a shot? “Sure,” she said. “Can I bring my friends?” And with that, ‘Kids Telling Stories (To Kids)’ was born at last year’s festival. This year, Olivia would like to take it a step further, by including YOUR kids in the mix as well. She’ll lead the way, with a little help from her friends, but she engage the audience with a little storytelling improvisation. You won’t want to miss this. And neither will your kids.

The Lower Brandywine Storytelling Festival is the anchor event in Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church's Community Outreach Calendar of Events. It's fun. It's Family-friendly. And it's FREE! So forward this web address to your family, friends, neighbors and associates. But encourage them  to register today, because space is limited.

Brandywine Storytelling Festival

Find the 2013 Festival at Upland Country Day School, 420 West Street Road  Kennett Square, PA 19348  USA

Yes, it's for children, too. Captivated kids at the 2007 Lower Brandywine Storytelling Festival. (Photo by Carlos Alejandro)

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