The 2007 Lower Brandywine Storytelling Festival Lineup.

L  O  W  E  R     B  R  A  N  D  Y  W  I  N  E     S  T  O  R  Y  T  E  L  L  I  N  G     F  E  S  T  I  V  A  L

2  0  0  7     L  I  N  E  U  P

November 2-3, 2007 - Friday 7-11PM and Saturday 9AM to 11PM

The 2rd Annual Lower Brandywine Storytelling Festival celebrated the resurgence of the Story! It promoted good, old fashioned entertainment for people of all ages. The event included a Friday evening concert featuring ‘The Best of the Brandywine Valley and Beyond;’ four Saturday morning storytelling workshops; an afternoon Olio or round-robin sampler; an open microphone for those with tales of their own to tell; another storytelling concert Saturday afternoon; plus the Saturday evening storytelling finale. Headlining again was fan-favorite Bil Lepp, the five-time Liar’s Champion of West Virginia. He lead a line-up of 10 nationally-renowned storytellers.

The Storytellers.

Willy Claflin
The first time Willy joined us. He brought his faithful sidekick Maynard Moose, and a totally unhinged array of comedy and musical surprises. Has crisscrossed the country since 1982, as a teacher and storyteller. He has also released nine recordings, many of them national award winners.

Danaher & MacCloud
Kate Danaher tells traditional stories of Irish life and Irish-American experience from the collection of her friend, the late Eamon Kelly, of Dublin, Ireland. With musical accompanist Amy Cloud, has entertained audiences for over 20 years as ‘Danaher & MacCloud.’

Doug Elliott
Doug took the audience on an unforgettable, cultural tour of North America's back country. He performed traditional tales, legends, stories, folklore and outrageous personal narratives. As always, he flavored them with regional dialects, harmonica riffs, and facts stranger than fiction.

Gerald Fierst
This was Gerald’s second performance for our festival. He has appeared throughout the US, in England, and in Asia telling original stories, stories from his own Jewish tradition, and stories from world folklore. He is artistic director of the Jewish Story-telling Center in NYC and Co-director of the MidAtlantic Storytellers’ Gathering.

Ray Gray
This was also Ray’s second time with us. He has over thirty years of experience telling stories about everything from coal mining folklore to gold rush tall tales, from Irish fairytales to Native American totem pole fables, from classic Greek mythology to personal stories of growing up in rural Pennsylvania.

Bil Lepp
Bil headlined for the third straight year, and what a blessing that has been. He’s been a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival, and is five-time Liar’s Champion of West Virginia. A very funny man, Bil has been telling tales for 15 years. During that time he has been featured at storytelling festivals across the country.

Robin Moore
Digging deep into his roots in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, Robin tells traditional and original North American and Celtic stories. Also an internationally-known author of 13 books published by Random House, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster.

Debra Pieri
Debra’s repertoire includes a mixture of traditional tales and stories crafted from her own life experience, and always resonates with a combination of open-hearted compassion, earthy humor and bittersweet sadness. A student of life’s mysteries, she’s been telling stories since 1981. Debra also served as Master of Ceremonies.

Ed Stivender
A Philly native, Shakespearean actor, banjo player, theologian, teacher, Mummer, juggler, and raconteur. Has fabulated his way around the globe telling stories since 1977. Inducted into the National Storytelling Association Circle of Excellence in 1996.

The Workshops.

Workshop 1 - Tell Your Own Family Stories - Debra Pieri
Each family is unique. Each is also universal, sharing similar trials and joys, we can easily make connections through storytelling. This workshop taught how to discover and relate the hidden gems of your own family’s history. (Free)

Workshop 2 - How to Make Up Fractured Fairy Tales - Willy Claflin
Gargantuam Turquoise Stomping Boots - Fracturing folk and fairy tales. This workshop taught how to write and tell original parodies. (Free)

Workshop 3 - Getting Kids to Lie Well - Bil Lepp
Five-time West Virginia Liars Champion Bil Lepp lead his most popular, one-of-a-kind workshop. It’s designed to teach sound techniques for telling Tall Tales. (Free)

Workshop 4 - Crafting Stories from Nature - Doug Elliott
This workshop showed how you can craft stories celebrating our connection to nature by incorporating personal experience, family reminiscences, folklore, natural history, traditional mythology and humor. (Free)

The Lower Brandywine Storytelling Festival is the anchor event in Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church's Community Outreach Calendar of Events. It's fun. It's Family-friendly. And it's FREE! So forward this web address to your family, friends, neighbors and associates. But encourage them  to register today, because space is limited.

Brandywine Storytelling Festival

Find the 2013 Festival at Upland Country Day School, 420 West Street Road  Kennett Square, PA 19348  USA

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